The objective of the company policy, in unison with its Health and Safety management system, is to comply with all duties bestowed on us (Main’s Roofing Ltd) in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

We (Main’s Roofing Ltd) are committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout our business activities wherever practicable. We (Main’s Roofing Ltd) recognise that economic growth, development and a healthy environment must be closely linked.

Environmental protection and sustainable development are responsibilities that government, business, communities and individuals should strive towards. Where possible, environmental management issues will be integrated with Health and Safety and other operational systems in line with our (Main’s Roofing Ltd) overall business objectives.

We (Main’s Roofing Ltd) are committed to:

  • Minimising the use of energy, water and other natural resources in operations.

  • Minimising waste and identifying the best environmental option for disposal.

  • Considering the effects our activities may have on the environment and minimizing the environmental impact of aspects of work activities that are environmentally significant.

  • Preventing Pollution

  • Considering opportunities to make a positive contribution to the environment in all activities

  • Reducing the impact of our activities on adjacent businesses and residents and behaving as a ‘good neighbour’.

  • Encouraging active participation from company staff at all levels in improving environmental performance.

  • Minimizing the environmental impact, for the life cycle (including disposal), of plant, equipment, and all physical assets under the control of the supplier.

  • Minimising noise nuisance, especially on site where the public or residents may be affected (including night work).

  • Setting and Monitoring environmental objectives

  • Continually improving our environmental performance.

The principles detailed above apply to all our (Main’s Roofing Ltd) business activities, including work in the Rail Industry.

We (Main’s Roofing Ltd) will comply with our client’s environmental requirements, and work closely to ensure our impacts are as small as reasonably practicable.